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Body Found


It all started when...

Body Found is a rock band formed in St. Louis, Missouri in early 1991 by its current members. The band got it's start in the early heyday of college radio, indie bands, and “alternative” rock.  Before Nirvana released “Nevermind” and Pearl Jam released “Ten” to launch the “grunge” movement, before Smashing Pumpkins released the gritty “Gish”, and before the first Lollapalooza introduced fringe music acts to the masses, Body Found was busy writing the songs that would become “Desert Resurrection”, their 2016 (and to date only) album. The band was influenced by such acts as Pixies, The Church, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cult, R.E.M., Smithereens, and other non-mainstream favorites. Body Found hit the St. Louis bar circuit for the next two years, playing with many other popular local acts, and parted ways in 1993. They stayed in touch and eventually reconnected for an informal jam session in 2015. In the spring of 2016 they reunited in the desert at Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa, Arizona, recording nine original songs from their bar-band days. The members include Ray Mahoubi (vocals), Andy Garcia (guitars), Greg Snider (bass guitar) and Al Fischer (drums and percussion).